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Game Review: Scalawag!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 8-May-14 | 0 comments

Scalawag! close-up

In Scalawag! each player takes the role of a captain and battles it out on the high seas (your table!) against the other players with the goal of being the last ship floating. Along with their ship, players will have crew cards that are kept secret from other players. Different crew members allow you to take special actions or gain extra bonuses on your turn. The twist with Scalawag! is that you can bluff and take an action with a crew member you don’t actually have. Other players have a chance to challenge your actions by calling “Scalawag!” If you’re bluffing you’ll suffer the consequences, but if you weren’t bluffing, the challenger will have to suffer those consequences instead!

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Scalawag! Duels at Sea
expansion now on kickstarter!

After you’ve taken a look at our review of the base game, don’t pass up the chance to check out Troubadour Games’ kickstarter campaign for the new expansion. It includes advanced play rules, 10 bonus crew cards and introduces “Point of Sail” cards so 2 players can duel it out!

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