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172 out of 210 gamers thought this was helpful

Overall a fun game that is bogged down by a few issues.

The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played a cooperative game like Pandemic. You band together as a group of different heroes to stop the spread of evil armies. Some of the classes seem a lot more powerful than others so the game could be a bit easier or harder depending upon the array of classes you have at your disposal.

I like the alternate lose conditions this game offers so there’s multiple things you need to contain in order to win the game. And this game will try very hard to make you lose.

The combat system is a nice change from a game like Pandemic where you can carefully plan out turns since the card draw is the only variance.

My negatives:

The pieces are not very well done. If we’re going to get sculpted minis they should be a little higher quality for the MSRP of this game.

The rules can be confusing at times on what you can and can’t do especially when it comes to the various classes.

This game will absolutely punish any newcomers to the genre with the speed at which they can lose. I’d like to see a better scaling of difficulty for those who aren’t hardcore gamers.

So I’m recommend playing the game if you’re a fan of the genre, but the price point is kind of high unless you are really in love with it.

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