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This iteration of the Game of Thrones combines the major elements of multiple expansions from the first version. The game combines bidding, tactical battle, and a significant amount of player politicking.

Houses (factions players control) are very balanced, but a combination of board placement and cards give them a flavor clearly tying them to their book counterparts.

A fun, well put together game. Complicated and delightful to play.

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Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

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Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, the board game based on the most infamous city in British author Terry Pratchett’s Diskworld series, combines a style-of-play and aesthetic old fans of the franchise will respect and appreciate, while—at its core—being a very playable strategy game for all.

Secret victory conditions are distributed among the players, and while all seven methods of victory are known to everyone playing, only a maximum of four will be in play (when playing with four players). Alternative win conditions force players to attend not only to one’s own plots and plans, but also the actions of your rivals.

This is not a game of sweeping attacks. Removing an opponent’s piece can actually be very tricky, requiring assassination (and even then requiring there to already be ‘trouble’ in that area of the city). Despite this appearance of simplicity, the game has hidden subtlety tied to how actions are taken each turn. Actions are played using character cards, from a limited hand. Players familiar with deck-building games will recognize abilities such as “play another card after this one” or effects that draw additional cards. These cards also control placing minions, obtaining coin, and building houses. Card abilities are themed around the characters they portray, a little treat for fans of Pratchett books. Death (a popular character in the books) assassinates two targets and builds a house—an in-joke fans will certainly get.

All said, the game has dimensions of play, is strategic while remaining light, and is as playable with a dedicated gaming crew as with the family. A+!

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