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10 out of 17 gamers thought this was helpful

This is not my favorite of the recent games that I have played. It was difficult to grasp at first with a lot of different types of cards. During play time once we got the rules figured out, I got a bit bored and occasionally frustrated. The concept seemed cute and the bunnies were amusing and creative, but that was not enough for me to find the game terribly enjoyable.

In Killer Bunnies, your goal is to get as many carrots as possible, because at the end of the game, a random carrot card is drawn and that determines who the winner is. It doesn’t matter how much of any other resources or how many bunnies you have in play, it comes down to that random card.

Basically, this is a card game in which you have bunnies in play collecting resource cards (water, lettuce, and carrots). Your goal is to get as many carrots as possible. The other resources and your bunnies in play certainly help you have more opportunities to get carrots. So there’s that.

In the end, our gaming group wasn’t super impressed!

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27 out of 34 gamers thought this was helpful

The resistance is an exciting game of lying and bluffing and probably the most fun way to destroy friendships.

During game play you are either a member of the Resistance or a spy sent to take down the Resistance. The spies in the game know each other and attempt to thwart the Resistance missions while those in the Resistance must successfully determine who is not a spy to make sure enough missions are successful! If enough missions happen, the Resistance wins. If enough missions are thwarted, the spies win. It sounds simple, but know two games play out the same way.

If you enjoy games that involve bluffing and strategy, you’ll probably enjoy The Resistance. This game involves a lot of interaction by everyone playing, as such, there is no downtime when it is not your turn like many traditional games. I enjoy the game with larger groups of people, 8-10 has been the most fun for me. I also enjoy the pure game more without the Plot Cards. I still had fun with the plot cards, but the basic game is enough excitement for me without the plot cards murkying the waters.

The Resistance is a pretty easy game to learn and would be fun for groups of family and friends of all types! I highly recommend it!

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Dark Tower

7 out of 14 gamers thought this was helpful

I played this game multiple times as a teenager. My stepfather at the time owned the game and taught me to play.

It was easy enough to learn and immensely fun to play. My only complaint about the game is that because it is an old game and has not been remade it is both difficult to find a complete game in working order and the computer in the tower often messes up gameplay. I agree with another review post that is hoping for a remake of the game!

Because of the tower in the game and the old-school but well-done artistry, it has a very nice fantasy world feel to it. The tower makes you feel more immersed in the game as well as adds the exciting element of chance, luck, and the unknown. Each game truly is an adventure of sorts!

There are a lot of small pieces to the game, and if you are not careful, they are easy to lose. Also, over time, the cardboard pieces (like the scorecards) get worn easily.

In the end it is an exciting game that would be AMAZING remade but is still incredibly fun if you can get your hands on a working, complete original.

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7 Wonders

34 out of 46 gamers thought this was helpful

I have only played this game once to date, but I look forward to the opportunity to play more.

Initially, there is a bit of a learning curve to overcome because there are a lot of parts to playing the game. It helped us to have an experienced player present to explain the basics and then we moved into learning as we played with his guidance. As we played through our game, we were able to move at a faster pace and get a better feel for the strategy.

I lost horribly, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 🙂

We played the A-Side of the city cards for our first time through. Using that side was complicated enough, so I would recommend sticking to the A-Side for a few play-throughs before moving to the more complex B-Side of the city cards.

Once you get into the game, there are so many different ways to get victory points to try to win the game that it becomes obvious that your strategy should adjust to the number of players, the city you are playing, and even how the game itself is playing out.

The best advice I can give is to keep an eye on your neighbors!! Their play often directly affects your playing and chances to win!

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34 out of 78 gamers thought this was helpful

Perhaps I should play some of these games more than once before reviewing, but that is difficult when I don’t own all of them. As such, I shall review Betrayal at House on the Hill after playing 1.5 times 🙂

The worst part of this game is the initial learning curve. It took me all of the 1.5 times I have played this game to even start to get a feel for how it works; I still have remaining questions, but I think I understand the basics.

Once you get past the learning curve and start to play, you quickly see that this game has a lot of potential and will never be exactly the same game twice. It has a game board that evolves differently each time the game is played, multiple story lines that can occur, and a number of different characters you can play with different strengths and weaknesses.

The game definitely requires patience and it might not be a great game for anyone below the age of 12 or so. But it is totally a cool game for a group of people that enjoy a good story, a little mystery, and the fun of playing games with your friends.

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54 out of 66 gamers thought this was helpful

I almost always lose this game. Even so, I have a fabulous time playing.

The premise is easy, to build a path for your game piece to move around on the board using tiles. While building this path you want to avoid others and avoid the edge of the board. If you are the last person on the board, you win!!

This gets difficult the more people who play, but also much more interesting. Do you try to circle around in a corner? Do you aim for the opposite side and hope no one gets in your way? Each game is different!

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72 out of 99 gamers thought this was helpful

I recently played this game and I haven’t had that much fun in ages!

Think combination between the old camp fire game, telephone, and Pictionary and you have the perfect description of Telestrations.

It’s amazing how quickly drawings can cause a word or phrase to get warped and it is absolutely hilarious to see that process happening. For example, in one of our rounds, the original word was, “Leopard.” By the end of the round the word had been changed to the phrase, “Cat tree” and finally to “cat stuck in a tree. And the drawings that accompanied it were hilarious.

The game, as it comes, is fun and easy for all family members. However, it can be made more “adult” by thinking up your own original words and phrases or by combining it with the cards from Cards Against Humanity!

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13 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

I very much enjoy Superfight! I got it on a whim after finding it on Amazon by a recommendation. I bought the game and most of the available expansion packs.

The game is a subjective game of pitting random enemies with random enhancements against your enemies with your chosen enhancements against each other to see who will win.

We like to use the game to argue loudly about why our enemy will win and why everyone else’s enemies are dumb and would die right away. Argue in a fun and happy manner of course 🙂

It’s an easy game to pick up and play, and easy game to modify to make a little more interesting, and the expansion packs can add some new situations to your game.

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Munchkin Zombies

8 out of 14 gamers thought this was helpful

This was the first Munchkin game I bought, but not the first I played. The items/beings on the cards and their descriptions are hilarious and you are entertained by playing the game as well as reading your new cards!

The game seems complex at first, but we found it was best to just jump in with the basic rules in hand before and let the cards help us figure it out. When we couldn’t figure it out based on the cards alone, we used the rules to augment. Worked out really well! And of course the last rule is that the owner of the game has final say… which is cool 🙂

It’s appropriate for all ages, though better for older children, maybe 10 and up. The humor might be lost on a younger child and, depending on their age, a child might struggle with the gameplay.

It is best played with a group of 4-5 people. Too few and it’s quite boring, but too many and you never get to play!

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6 out of 13 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is a blast, but unfortunately it is not for all. As such, I don’t get to play as often as I’d like.

This game is a great combination of charades, trivia, pictionary, art class, and super-crazy fun. It’s great for friends or family and can pull the star out of anyone. Usually, once people get over their initial shyness at playing, they have a WONDERFUL time.

The game is best played with a good sized group of people. I wouldn’t want to play the game with less than 6 (3 pairs of people). I have found playing as pairs and not as a team of more than 2 is better and a little less chaotic.

Be careful with the bits and pieces of the game. And make sure the game claydough is kept tightly shut to prevent it drying out.

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Star Trek: Catan

63 out of 71 gamers thought this was helpful

Maybe it was because this was the first Catan game that I played, but I wasn’t that excited by this game. I played once during a game night and lost resoundingly. I did not have time to master the strategy of the game, but I started to get a feel for the mistakes I was making and how I could play better in future games. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the desire to play again.

The rules are a bit complex, so expect your first time to be a process of learning the finer details. It helped my first time to have some experienced players in the group.

I did appreciate the very “Star Trek” feel of the game. I did feel like I was working towards space exploration goals. So that’s a plus!

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55 out of 64 gamers thought this was helpful

Bananagrams is a very fast-paced, Scrabble-ish type game. It can be frustrating when someone continuously runs out of tiles and yells out, “PEEL!” but that’s part of the fast-paced fun.

I’d say this game is best for a group of 4-5, any less or more and it loses fun and becomes either more boring (if the group is too small) or more frustrating (if the group is too big).

At first the fast-paced nature of the game threw me off and I felt like I would never catch up with anyone else, but I got into a groove and found myself quite enjoying scrambling to make words!

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Apples to Apples

58 out of 94 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a fun game that can take on different play styles depending on who you are playing with. With close friends and family, you can get more “cut throat” and use inside jokes to try to win. With more casual friends, you may try to be more generally humorous or obvious.

Apples to Apples is a really easy game to learn and is quick to open and move to play almost immediately. It is sage for casual friends and easy and safe for younger players.

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