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Tracker: A Post Nuclear Disaster - Board Game Box Shot

Tracker: A Post Nuclear Disaster

| Published: 2014
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Tracker is a competitive post apocalyptic board game. The game, where even the dead still have a chance...

… Years after apocalypse. A group of survivors locked in battle for the astonishing power of artefacts. In a constantly changing environment they must adapt their strategy and tactics. But, to be the very best, much more is required.

A roll of die determines the starting position of a player. Then the first mission objective is revealed. In the game each roll of dice determines the number of moves (actions) a player may perform. Either by choosing to move around the board, shoot other players or gather items that are laid out on or around the board.

Which strategy and tactics will crown you the winner? Either arm yourself to tackle other players or aim to gather as many artefacts as possible. Whether the first or the latter, always be ready and prepared to finish missions. Completed missions and gathered artefacts bring you winning points, but so does eliminating and looting others. With all this in mind strive to determine the best tactic that will result in Victory!

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