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Elder Sign

86 out of 125 gamers thought this was helpful

This is a derivative of the game Arkham Horror. I have played both of them now and can tell you that this game is quite a bit more friendly and is a great way to ease into this style of game. The game boils down to yahtzee-like rolls to complete quests on the adventure cards you draw. This may be a turn off to some, but when you take into account the wide variety of abilities that allow you to manipulate or re-roll dice it becomes closer to strategy, with a bit of randomness thrown in. I would recommend anyone who has played Arkham Horror try this game. If you liked Arkham Horror, you should love this unless you have a fear of too many dice rolls. Also, if you disliked how long a game of Arkham Horror takes or if you found it too difficult this game might be perfect for you. The one aspect that I believe Elder Sign is superior to Arkham Horror in would be single player. You would have to control four characters to play Arkham Horror by yourself. Elder Sign combats this by using the clock to control the passing of time. Each player takes 3 hours to use a turn, and at midnight the new omen card is resolved. So, with less players (ex. 1) you would take four turns before midnight rolls around again. In the opposite manner, the game also scales up to large numbers of players utilizing the same clock. If eight people want to play, a new omen will appear twice before someone gets another turn.

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Arkham Horror

76 out of 137 gamers thought this was helpful

I say a day because that’s about how long it takes. This is a game that you should honestly find a youtube tutorial to walk you through it. I think the absolute best way to play is to have everyone figure out the rules before hand, as to make the first time your group plays better for everyone. Depending on how many people you have the game will vary in difficulty. It is possible to play by yourself or with two, but it will be difficult, if not impossible, to win unless you control four characters yourself, or two each between you and a teammate. Four people offers the perfect number, as more than that makes the game a little easier. Prepare to be playing at least three hours even if everyone knows the rules beforehand. I truly do not mean for that to run anyone off, however. This “boardgame” is more like a ready-made role playing game. Your characters will have stats and you will have to do battle with monsters. Overall, if you like Lovecraftian lore or just have a passion for the macabre you should try this game out!

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