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I’ve been playing roleplaying games for over 30 years. I remember fondly the original Marvel Roleplaying game. This version is nothing like that. The rules are abstracted to the point where I could not figure out how to play it. I handed it to a younger friend who has been playing rpg’s for over 20 years, and he had no idea how to make the dice pools work. Not only that, but the idea that actions weren’t really covered, and powers can be created by the players, just makes this game too abstract to work with. I had such high hopes for this when I heard that Margaret Weiss was getting the license. Now, I’m hoping that WotC picks it up as Margaret Weiss has dropped it. So much potential, and such a huge disappointment. Mutants and Masterminds by Green Ronin did a much better job with the DC comics license, and is a far superior game.

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King of Tokyo

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My gaming group just got this game, and from our first time playing it, we all love it. People do the voices, and are making jokes the whole time. The three nights we’ve played it thus far, it’s a minimum of 3 games in a row. The nicest part of this game is that it is so simple to pick up, explain, and just play. There’s almost no learning curve. But, for as simple as the game is, it’s very engaging and has enough strategy to make our players who enjoy that sort of thing happy. Very happy that I picked this one up.

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