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King's Forge

9 out of 28 gamers thought this was helpful

I think the title says it all. You roll some dice attempt to purchase things whether it be more dice or something from the forge and repeat. I am not a huge fan of this game.

The components of the game are really nice and the board (which is not included) is a great. The colors are bright and the dice are actually pretty as well. It just the game play is really boring in my opinion. I have played a couple of times just to see if I was missing something and it really is a boring game,

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44 out of 89 gamers thought this was helpful

I just recently played my second game of Survive: Escape from Atlantis and all I can say is that this game is mean and vindictive. How could this possibly be a children’s game. What child would want to play this unless he was Vladimir the Impaler?

Okay it is not that bad but boy can people really be mean playing this game and you cannot make it too personal or you may lose a couple of friends. am not going to go into the basics of game play or the general components as this you can find this information in multiple areas. As you try to escape people roll a dice and attack their opponents. The issue I have had with this game is that I seem to be the one that everyone seems to want to attack. It could be that I am just poor at strategy and leave myself open to attack. Around the half way point I just became tired of playing and just wanted the game to end. Every turn people came after to me it was unrelenting terror. I as attacked by whales and sharks and whirlpools. Why, why, why.

Finally the game ended and low and behold. Three of my Atlantians survived and I ended up in third (out of 5).

Do I hate this game? No, in the end it is quite fun an I understand the next time I need to change my strategy to not be the one everyone attacks. I think it is far more fun being the attacker. they were all having a blast. So in the end I enjoyed this game ad will play again

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95 out of 122 gamers thought this was helpful

I was able to play this game finally at Gen Con. There is a definite quick vibe to the game as you need to plan ahead as you try to avoid the authorities. You go from room to room searching for data files trying to avoid security guards and other hired by the corporation. You need to break locks open at time to obtain that data. Data are these small chits that have a number on the back. Don’t peek as this is part of the end game. The issue is your opponents are also trying to gain data and may steal the data after you broke the lock. In order to accomplish this you need to play cards that can assist you or hinder your opponents. Make the right moves, play the right cards and you may be able to escape. Don’t escape the building you lose. The player with the most data that escaped wins.

For the first game it was quite enjoyable. All four players were in the building when the counter started to really accelerate. None of the other players were near the exit nor did the second exit pop up. It was the last turn as the counter was going to go past 99 and we all would have been caught. I had a card that would allow me to be the only person to escape thus I would win the game. But as luck would have another player had a card that moved the counter past 99 and we all lost the game. Jerk move if you ask me but that is the play of the game.

I enjoyed this game and I would be willing to play again. But I do not think it is one I would add to my collection.

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