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73 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

This expansion is totally worth the money, and time.
First of all, you receive 5 new races and 5 new tokens. And why does this help your playing?. Because by playing these will increase your chance of winning.

You get the Homonculi. A mystical, alien-like creature in a slime tank. You receive and extra token when you pick them each time they are bypassed in the choosing your races phase.
Then there are my personal favorite: Pixies.
You get eleven of these when starting a game, although when it is redeployment time, you have to keep all of your Pixies off the board except the one that stays on the region.

Pygmies, the scary looking tribe has the ability to roll a die each time you lose a Pygmie token. For each of the dots on the die displayed, you take that much Pygmie tokens.

The ruthless, but surprisingly strange art race: The Barbarians. They are not that useful, they cannot redeploy their troops at the end of each turn.

And lastly, the Leprechauns. After you conquer a region you may optionally chose to put a Pot of Gold to that region. After each turn, the region with the Pot of Gold gets one extra victory coin. However, if someone else conquers that region with the Pot of Gold, they receive it and may use it for their good.

Now that are some interesting characters right?
Moving on to the special powers.

Barricade allows you to collect three bonus coins your barricade troops occupy four regions.

Catapult, as its name states, may catapult you to a region that is one region away (but no adjacent) and conquer it for one token less, until the end of the turn, it is immune towards any enemy conquer attempt.

Corrupt gives you one more coin after you conquer your own region, so there is basically no point of it, unless you look at it from the other perspective.

Imperial. For each region in excess of 3, which your Imperial troops occupy at the end of the turn, collect one bonus coin.

And finally, Mercenary. Each time you conquer a region, you may spend one victory coin to reduce the number of tokens you need to conquer it by 2.

Overall, this expansion clearly expands the game, makes it more interesting to play, and raises your chance to win.

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Ticket to Ride

32 out of 41 gamers thought this was helpful

This is the greatest board game app in the history. Although a little expensive, one can invest a little bit of money for this game.
Especially when the layout is nice, clear, neat and beautifully laid out. Your strategies will vary specifically depending on which of the characters you are playing. There is a few of them and they each have their own specific way of strategy. Check out my new tip for the game during the following week. I personally think that the way you put trains on the route, and look for more cards is even easier than the original board game.
You can check your high-scores anytime, play online, read the rules, play with 2 to 4 people at the time, and chose your avatar photo.
Well, I have not explained it yet, but the point of the game is to have the highest score by creating routes, finishing with the longest route, and completing ticket cards. Do not get too carried away with the cards though! It has additional in-app purchases so you do not get bored of it, and you will not. It is great fun.
This game offers a good fun when you are on the go, it is not near confusing and totally worth the money. Go buy it today. Oh yes, and if you want to challenge me, find me: msolter1203. Now hurry up, or else you will miss your train!

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Small World

32 out of 46 gamers thought this was helpful

The first thing that caught my eye to Small World are its beautiful illustrations, they are full of life, humor, and art. This game is quite easy to learn. After you know the rules, you probably won’t need the “quick rule” page.
I can play it with almost everybody. From my sister, friends, family, and much more.
The game itself has a fun base of gameplay. Beginning from choosing your own race and special power, to building your own empire, and raising your forts, and conquering the lands. I usually play with only one player, but when there is more, you just can’t get enough of the fun. Who will attack who? What race will they chose next?
The game is rich with components, and they include quite detailed materials.
I play this game for almost a year and I can honestly say I am not getting bored of it (although I win a lot) If you like fantasy, and strategy games this is a game for you. Similar to Vinci, and Risk, this game is almost the same, but has adapted a cartoonish, and humorous version, making it a fun game for everyone.
Players, get ready for a fight full fun, strategy and wackiness.
Or as the authors of this game say: “It’s a world of (S)laughter after all!”

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