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Dominion: Alchemy

43 out of 64 gamers thought this was helpful

I really like the dynamic of having an alternate currency type (potions) that are orthogonal to the original currency (money). It increases the strategy options and makes you commit one way or another.

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36 out of 77 gamers thought this was helpful

I’m not sure if this particular expansion is my favorite or not, but prosperity does have a unique feel to it compared with other Dominion games. That in and of itself makes it a worth sequel.

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62 out of 115 gamers thought this was helpful

Dominion is a great game. Extremely well balanced, the rules are fast and easy to learn. Games are fast paced. Strategy can be very deep, and yet new players can pick up the game in minutes and enjoy it.

All around superb.

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23 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

Not a fan of co-op games in general. This one stands out from most as being interesting and engaging enough to want to see it through to the end. Having said that, it’s still not high on my list of games to choose to play.

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35 out of 70 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is easy to pick up and can be a great game for casual gamers. I’m not a big fan of abstract board games in general, and this is no exception.

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Cosmic Encounter

56 out of 82 gamers thought this was helpful

Many versions of this game exist. I have played since the original Eon days, and own the Mayfair version. (Somewhere I have the West End Games version as well…tiddly winks!)

This game has great replayability in that no two games are a like. There are many ways of incorporating “house rules” to change the game further, many of which became optional rules in expansions (such as Mayfair’s More Cosmic Encounters).

This game also acted as an inspiration for many other games, most notably Magic The Gathering. (Which in turn started CCGs and the like.)

Classic game, for sure.

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Puerto Rico

27 out of 78 gamers thought this was helpful

The strategies for this game can be very complex and counter-intuitive. It generally takes a few games for anyone to get the hang of what to do. It’s very enjoyable once you are comfortable both with the mechanics and the strategy.

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