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Go to the Dungeons & Dragons: 4th Edition page
50 out of 107 gamers thought this was helpful

While Wizards of the Coast attepted to strealine the game to remove the increadable ammount of clunk you got in D&D3.5 they made this game an MMO, nothing more. The only use any class has now is dealing with traps or combat, combat is a joke that can only take place at close range, and with the taunt mechanics you too can build yourself the standard MMO party of 1 tank, 1 healer, and some DPS(damage dealers) or support. Skip this game, it has all the boardom that comes at times with MMOs with none of the massive raids, Player vs. Player fun, huge social interaction capabilities, ability to play it whenever you want(without finding a buck=h of people to come to your house first). Don’t get me wrong, I love tabletop RPGs but play something that is more than a slightly glorified videogame please otherwise you forget the Roleplay. Put simply play a better game, pick almost any other RPG and you will be.

Go to the Summoner Wars Master Set page
67 out of 110 gamers thought this was helpful

Non collectable battle card game where stratagy plays a bigger role than luck. A friend of mine introduced me and I had to get my own faction decks. Try it and see how quickly you grab some.

Go to the Betrayal at House on the Hill page
32 out of 83 gamers thought this was helpful

With the ever changing haunts the game can be very differant with each play. I have played it more times than I can count and still get suprised by haunts I’ve never played before.

Go to the Discworld: Ankh-Morpork page
63 out of 137 gamers thought this was helpful

Can be hard to win at times but a very fun game with easy to understand goals and mechanics. If your a fan you should love it, other wise it would still be fun but not as great(because you have no idea who anyone is and why they do what they do).

Go to the Descent: Journeys in the Dark page
63 out of 126 gamers thought this was helpful

The game is very fun but unles you have the max players, expect the dungeon overlord to win 95-99% of the time…even than if they play smart expect 50-70%. Also you will want o buy some extra packs of the dice as passing them around all the time gets old fast.

Go to the Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow page
57 out of 82 gamers thought this was helpful

…Kinda summs it all up there. This does make the game much harder for you to win, but I love the king in yellow personally…maybe I just have a thing for the good old king in tatters, going to cosplay as him soon.

Go to the Arkham Horror page

Arkham Horror

35 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

While daunting to learn, this game gives hours of fun with good odds that you will lose each time you play it in typical lovecraftian fashion. To have any odds of victory you will need all the plaers to work well together and help eachother out. I love the mechanics of the game and agree, take it easy and slow with the expansions, they tend to make the game even more complex and harder to win.

Go to the Ticket to Ride page

Ticket to Ride

38 out of 150 gamers thought this was helpful

This game has earned awards for a good reason, it plays with very high replay enjoyment and shows a well thought out make. I own this game and break it out for some family game nights. I would gladly buy this game again.

Go to the Chaos in the Old World page
15 out of 52 gamers thought this was helpful

In this game while everyone should have a fair shot, they don’t. Khorne players have a HUGE advantage if they play spread out assaults and because of that have about a 70-80% chance of winning, even on their first game. Nurgle is next in power with all the point gen for the win that Nurgle can produce, Slaanesh can sometimes win if they are lucky and everyone else is not, but if you love to lose play Tzeentch, worst odds and some of the worst powers mixed with many good ones. All in all, fun to play once but not much more, Do Not Buy It. I did and regretted it, and I’m probably the biggest fan of Chaos in warhammer fantasy(own ever book and shortstory that has ever hit the black library). This game was a huge letdown.

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