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Machi Koro

35 out of 51 gamers thought this was helpful

Machi Koro is a Japanese bingo style/easy to learn/card/city building/dice rolling game.
In the game some times your income is depended on other players dice roll as Monopoly, but this game is much more faster much more balanced and relaxing. Other than Monopoly which the main goal of the game is to eliminate the other players, the main goal of this game is to race for being the player who completes advancement of the city, first.


Cards: Absorbing graphic design of the city Establishments are friendly and illustrative and divers.(Use the plastic in the box to keep them organised).

Money Tokens: very simple and though cardboard tokens are used to pay the bank to construct establishment and pay other players for their cafes and restaurant establishments.

Dices: Dice roll results activate City Establishment cards effects and cards effect will be resolved in the order of Restaurants and cafes that make dice roller player to pay the cost to establishment owner/s then the cards with earning effects will be activated and then the advanced industries with special abilities will be activated, there are 2 normal 6 sided dice in the game and players start with one and after building Train station players may roll the second one, now players have chance to roll for more than “6” that activate more powerful cards effects.


Machi Koro is a fast pace adorable card building game and is perfect for families, i suggest forget about Monopoly and play Machi Koro.

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Camel Up

34 out of 35 gamers thought this was helpful


Camel Up is a dice roll and move, bingo style, family/party game about a camel racing betting in Egypt.

Game components and descriptions:

The board: The board shows a round race track divided into 16 spaces that camels race on it. At the center of the board is a place for a pyramid which contains dices. At the bottom of the race track is a place to pile up the end of the round (Leg) winner cards and at the corners are places to stack up your bet on overall winner and overall looser.

Camels: Wooden camels in 5 colors corresponding to colors of wooden dices. These camels have special cutouts to be fitted on each other backs. The follower camel has chance to go up on the leader camel back on the same space of the race track . The top camel has a higher rank in race track and as the lower camel moves carries all the camels on its back.

Dices and the cardboard Pyramid: 5 wooden dices in 5 colors determine movement of the camels with the same colors. At the start of each round (Leg) these dices are placed in the pyramid, at your turn you may decide to take out one of them blindly and place it on the board showing the camel with that color has done its move for the round(Leg). The game will last over several Legs.

Desert Tiles: On your turn you may manipulate the dice results by placing your Desert Tile onto a empty space on the track. These Desert tiles have 2 sides one is Mirage that move the trapped camel one space backward beneath the other camels and the other one is Oasis which move the camel one space forward. If a camel ends up on this tile, no matter which side, the tile owner will score one coin immediately from the bank.

Leg Winner Tiles:There are 3 Leg winner tiles for each camel color sorted in descending order. During your turn you may want to bet on a Leg winner camel, The first one draw a 5 point tile, the 2nd one will draw 3 point and the third one has to draw 2 point tile. As all the dices have been taken out from the pyramid the Leg is ended and you will score or you will lose 1 coin for each wrong tiles you had been taken. if your tile camel takes the 2nd position of the Leg you will score 1 coin.

Pyramid Tiles: On your turn you may chose to roll dice and see what happens as you decide to do it you draw one of these tiles and score 1 coin at the end of the Leg.

Overall winner/looser cards: each player has a set of 5 color cards that may bet on the overall winner or overall looser of the race with them. the sooner you bet on the winner you score more money and for each of your wrong bids you will lose one coin.


The design is so funny!

Game play: The game play is unbelievably tens. Because of the movement mechanism of these stupid camels, almost everything is possible(may be the last camel dice comes out first and that camel goes up on the other one and then the lower camel carry that camel on top of the others and the looser become the winner سلام علیکم)

Camel up is a fun strategy less, easy to teach betting game. The game shines butl lasts longer with more players.

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104 out of 124 gamers thought this was helpful

Bang is a fast social, role playing game (such as Resistance, Mafia, Coup,…) but Bang The Dice Game is even faster.

Number of players:
This game is designed for 3 to 8 players but actual game play starts at 5.


there are 2 types of card in the game. The combination of 2 of these cards will make your role. One of these cards is what other people knows about you and define your abilities to shoot and survive(Character Cards), the other one is what lies beneath and what your goal is (Role Cards) except for Sheriff which have to reveal his/her identity. Thus lots of different combination will be occurred.

You have 3 re roll for these 5 Bang dices each turn, and the result shows actions you can take, and possible penalties you have to suffer. The character cards may affect these results or number of re rolls.


Arrow Tokens: each time you roll an arrow on the dice as penalty you have to pick an arrow that reduce your health later; if you couldn’t get rid of them.

Life Tokens: as you run out of these tokens, you are dead.

Bang the Dice Game is a Small, fast, fun, filler game for 5 to 8 players. however you can play it with 3 or 4 players too, but she shoot me down with more than 5 players Bang Bang!
You can story tell during the game, it will make the game more interesting.

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20 out of 22 gamers thought this was helpful

Marrakech is a simple fast paced economic board game about rug bazaar in Marrakech.

A very cool thing about this game is using rug shape pieces of textile instead of cards. While there is no need to shuffle these rugs, the material fairly corresponds the theme. Depending on number of players you may have around 15 rugs of a same color in stock.

Coins: Wooden coin chips. these chips are very well fabricated. You have some initial wealth. You earn and pay them during the game play.
Game Play:
All you need to do is to represent your rugs on the board to Assam.
On your turn:

-Move Assam. Assam is the only moving token on the board which every one move it on their turn.
To move Assam you need to follow 2 steps:

1st call Assam direction( in expert mode at the end of the turn you specify Assam’s direction for your opponent, which I call it marketing)
2nd roll Marrakech special dice(a D6 with three, 3 sides on it)
If Assam ends in some other player’s observable rug; you need to pay as many coins as connected observable rug tiles of his color to him.

-Put a rug on the board so that to be adjacent to Assam, you may mask other players’ rugs. (you can not completely cover a rug with your rug)

Game Ends: when every one played their rugs then who has the higher summation of remaining coins and observable rugs on the board wins.

Marrakech is a good looking filler game.
Components are simple but creatively designed and correspond the game theme and its simple mechanic.
If you like Tsuro you may like this game too.

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74 out of 90 gamers thought this was helpful

Citadel is a card drafting, resource managment, guess, score point game with medieval city building theme.

2.Setup (1 minute)
There are 2 types of cards in game, character cards and building cards. Deal each player 4 building cards and two coins ( toffy like tokens, keep out of the reach of children )

3.Game play
Burn one character card face down and base on player numbers 2,3,4+ burn some cards face up ( these cards can not be the King ) and pass the character cards to players to select one or two(for 2 and 3 players mode) role from it.
After doing this each character come to play in pre derermined order on cards from Assassin to Warlord, as each character has been called the player who has selected that character shows her card and takes the character, she has chosen, dedicated actions (Take money and/or draw city cards from the pile, build city discrit and special action).
Repeat this sequence untill a player built 8 discrits. Then sum up the scores for each player’s buildings.

The character orders and relation between them are very well defineded.

Guessing who is who and hide what you will chose to prevent the Assassin from killing you( you will lose your turn ) and the Thief from rubbing your money that you have stacked up or you have rubbed last turn to build a huge building that scores you well etc., are the main challenging part of the game.

Play with 2 or 3 people is super fun and faster than play with more people, however play even with 7 player is still quick and fun.

4.Learn to play
The game is super easy to be learnt, as far as everything has been described on cards you dont need to memorize anything.

5.Game contents
2 decks of cards have intersting graphic design.
Coins are not delicious but they look like toffees.

This game is easy and inexpensive but there are infinit number of strategies you can imagin for this game.
Almost everyone will enjoy to play it.
It is not a family game due to the negative roles in game.

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Forbidden Desert

56 out of 86 gamers thought this was helpful

In Forbidden Desert your flying ship has crushed into a desert, sand storms move around each turn and bury its parts, sun beats down and you loose water from your flask and even worse, storm picks up and brings more sand to bury you, but you are a band of adventurers and desert some times shows mercy on you, and you may find water but beware of mirage, some times you may find useful items to get rid of sands, don’t lose your hope! You need to find and fix your ship and scape.

Though the game is super easy to learn but wining the game is extremely hard. The more people in the game the harder game you will experience which is a logical bug for it (why time goes faster when more people are in the game), this much of difficulty which is not fair will reduce the fun to play this game, specially when you can’t even win the game on the rookie level.

Components are cool! *Game mechanic is unique but not balanced!*
After many games I need to confess that the game is absolutely balanced! But it is hard to master the game. Now I adore this game.

Go to the Pandemic page


46 out of 66 gamers thought this was helpful

1. General

Pandemic is a co-op dice-less board game with contemporary si-fi theme.

In pandemic you play members of a disease control team with individual abilities to develop cures and prevent disease outbreaks, before 4 diseases contaminate humanity.

Negotiations is the most important part of the game play, everyone offer opinions and ideas. However, the player whose turn it is decides what to do.

2. Time to Setup

The setup phase is quick if you dont argue about your characters.

2.1 Set out the board and place markers (1 to 2 minutes)
While you keep your box organized this step takes 1 to 2 minutes.

2.2 Give each player cards and pawn
If you do this step randomly it takes 1 minute but you may spend more time to argue about who you want to be ( in expert mode ).

2.3 Initial infections
You may use bowls for each disease cube set so that make them fast accessible. This phase takes 3 to 5 minutes.

2.4 Prepare the player deck

Epidemic cards should come to play with fair random intervals, to do so you need to devide the players cards into 4, 5, 6 ( introductory, standard, heroic ) fairly equal piles and shuffle a epidemic card into those piles and stack them. This phase may take 4 to 6 minutes.

With approx. 10 to 15 minutes setup time, this game is easy and fast to set up ( keep your box organized ).

3. Learn to play

While there are only 5 types of actions (4 move options, build a research lab, treat disease, share knowledge and discover a cure) in play, you can teach this game to a new gamer in about 15 minutes.

You may need to spend more time if there is no one to teach you how to play (30 to 60 minutes ).

4. Game play

The game is played in 3 phases each round.
a. Do 4 actions ( you may do up to 4 following actions base on your characters abilities traveling, build stations, treat, share knowledge, discover a cure)
b. Draw 2 player cards ( you may unfortunatley draw “Epidemic”)
c. Infect cities ( infection rate grows during the game and give the game more intensity)

Randomness of the shuffled cards and “Intensify” phase for “Epidemic” give the game a realistic viruse propagation algorithms.

5. Contents

The serious looking of minimal tokens and cold board graphic design fit the theme perfectly.

6. Conclusion

While the theme is familiar this game can absorb almost everyone.
However, the game graphic looks cold but it corresponds its theme.
Dice-less mechanic of the game makes the game more brain burner.
Brilliant idea of intensify the infections during epidemic makes the game more realistic.
The game is easy to learn but hard to master.

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