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The Game of Life

69 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

Intro: This game is a simple enough monopoly re-imagining for younger players. You progress through your life making a family, getting a job and buying houses. Simply, yet you can sink serious time into it.

Replay Value: The replay value for this game is actually quite reasonable. While most of the game relies on luck, this still provides a decent amount of variation which can keep younger kids occupied for plenty of time.

Difficulty: With a small learning curve and clear instructions, it wont take long for the kids to figure out how to create a successful ‘life’ in this game. There is more luck than strategy, but it all comes together well enough.

Conclusion: This is a straight forward game with a simple yet elitist premise: Get rich and win. Although most games involve some form of greed driven victory clause. This will provide plenty of hours of entertainment for kids, assuming their standards are set too high from an early age!

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17 out of 20 gamers thought this was helpful

Intro: Simply put, this is a basic game and a good introduction to card games for younger family members. Despite this, it still remains a household favorite for its simplicity, and often competitive nature.

Replay Value: While this game might seem like it has very limited replay value, it will still manage to find its way to the table purely through its simplicity to play. You can quickly get a table full of people to play in a matter of seconds.

Difficulty: This is a very simple game with a short learning curve. This game can be taught and mastered within minutes. Having said that, once you have a grasp on the game, you can become aggressive and also created allegiances. This adds to the overall quality of the game through the competitiveness and the banter involved.

Conclusion: A great yet simple game for all ages with a tiny learning curve but the possibility of a competitive and often hilarious outcome. Make allegiances and destroy friendships with this simple card matching game!

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65 out of 74 gamers thought this was helpful

Introduction: I bought this game and played a few times with my friends. This was our first real foray into board games, and I have zero regrets. After a few play-throughs I can safely recommend this to any avid or beginner board gamers. The game provides great variation from play to play and will have novices wanting much more. Through the use of quests, buildings and attack cards, you can have the balance of play changing from round to round.

Quality: The component quality, box inserts and instructions were all of a super high quality. I was suitably impressed with the box design and the sculpted pieces. I have sleeved my cards, but the cards should take a decent amount of wear and tear.

Difficulty: While this game is in depth enough to give plenty of variety, it only took a couple of novices 1 game to really getting into the swing of things. It becomes quite intuitive once you understand the flow of the turns and the resources.

Conclusion: This game does not require, but also does not restrict the use of role playing. It offers a lot of replay value, and immersion. The build quality is great and the art is quite nice (for fantasy fans). I have never played D&D and I didn’t feel like that would be any sort of advantage to playing the game. This game has given me the board game bug, I want more and more!

TLDR: I strongly recommend this game to anyone looking to enjoy the immersion of an hour long game with a few friends. You’ll be coming back for more!

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