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Two players actually plays quite well. I think the game scales excellently depending on your group size. Two players gives you more options but it still a tight game in the end. It is Still a very enjoyable experience to me.

One tip if you plan on playing only two players and that is to remove the mandatory quest cards. The games come down to the wire and getting only 2 to 4 points for a mandatory quest seems harsh and a little unbalanced, or at leas a little unfair. 🙂

Bottom line:
More agents + more quests + more points = more fun!

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This is a gateway game for a lot of people but I think it’s more than that. This is still one of my favorite games and for me has had a ton of replay-ability. This is going to out me as a serious nerd but we used to play this game at work during lunch nearly every day for easily over a year and I’m still not sick of it. I haven’t played it for a while since I’ve changed jobs but I could easily, and happily I might add, pick it up and play it.

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