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23 out of 29 gamers thought this was helpful

Being a player with a very limited experience with deckbuilders, I was entraled by the ease of use of this great game. The rules took only minutes to read and then me and my son where playing our first game, with only minimal going back to the rules for specific clarifications. After only 2 games, we are starting to use more and more complex strategies and combos, and we can’t wait to integrate the expantions in our sessions. I agree that, for experienced deckbuilders players, this product could appear a litle bit simple, but the different factions and types of cards included do offer a fair amount of flexibility and trategy, letting the new players feel that many different ways to play are possible, and not feel alienated by a seemingly insurmontable complexity.

In brief, a great introduction to this type of games, hooking us both immediately!

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Ghost Stories

67 out of 121 gamers thought this was helpful

A great variation on the tower defense formula, steeped in the asian folklore.

Be it as a solo endeavor or as a full fledged 4 players game, ‘Ghost Stories’ is tense, flexible in its strategies and fair in its challenge. Keep an eye on those black ghosts though: they creep ever onward and before you know it, your village is over run.

A great presentation (very colourfule, which alleviate somewhat the subject matter), short set-up time and rules that are fairly easy to understande let you play quickly. But be patient: winning your first match may take a while…

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Eldritch Horror

50 out of 78 gamers thought this was helpful

Fighting minions and Great Old Ones from the Chtulhu’s mythos in a great adventure across the world is an interresting evolution for this line of games. The somewhat streamlined and simplified rules make for a quick set up and newcommers should be able to grasp the mechanics fairly quickly. The mythos is well presented but, by increasing the range of the adventure to the whole world, a certain disconnect appears between each explorer. Each investigator are still working towards the same common goal, but you loose a bit of that camadery feeling of an closely knit expert team going into a dire situation. It becomes less apparent that you are all part of a team, figthing to reach the same goal. By being less concentrated in one location (Arkham or even the Arkham Museum in the case of Elder Sign) you also lose a bit of that “paranoid / imprisoned in a very bad place” feeling of impending doom, even if the stakes are the same. The game is still great though, and maybe it is more a question of choosing between two different atmosphers (horribly isolated versus exilirating adventure) than picking which one is the better game.

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