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Dead of Winter is a game that focuses on the survival of a colony in a frozen wasteland beset upon by zombies. The survivors of the colony are tasked with a goal which generally requires that they go out into the town and risk life and limb to gather resources.
The games Exposure Mechanic gives each choice made a real tangible risk; whenever a person takes an action that puts that at the mercies of fate, the player must roll a d12 to see what unfortunate side effects (if any) are attributed with the result of that action.
In addition to this, there is often a high chance of any player being a betrayer whos primary goal is self survival.

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If you are looking for a good edition to Munchkin with a less silly/more serious panache this is a good place to start. The decks are filled with references to the eponymous game Pathfinder and a few in jokes that D20 game players are sure to enjoy. However like all Munchkin games there is a guaranteed card setup that makes it impossible to lose, which detracts from the games replayability. If you mix Munchkin Pathfinder with other sets from the fantasy line (ie. Legends, Conan, Princesses, …) then that small flaw can be overcome.

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The DC Deck-Building Game is a great game to play but there are many advantageous combinations which will put one player far ahead of any one else without any way to settle the score. There are ways to counter-act this problem, such as controlling when Parallax appears in the Super Villain Deck (Hint: Its Last). The game even with its potentially unbalanced game play is fun to play and irreducibly simple. The suggested age is 15+ but children as young as 8 possess the mental wherewithal to play competitively with adults.

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