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54 out of 70 gamers thought this was helpful

I had played Citadels some time ago, and out of some sense of forgetfulness decided to play it again yesterday. I went into the game with a vague memory of not being able to figure out if I liked it or not. Yesterday I came away leaning a bit more toward the “not.”

While I do enjoy winning a game, I don’t have to win to enjoy it. If I can plan and plot and manipulate to the best of my ability and still do not win, that is okay.

I think my main problem with Citadels is that there is not a single element of the game that is really within your control. Try to aim for a particular role, and that role might not be available. Try to flesh out your city with different types of buildings and you just might not pull them or someone might Magician you and swap your hand for theirs. Try to save gold and the Thief might just take it. Or the Assassin might just kill you and your round is shot altogether.

You see, I can handle a game with randomness. But a game where EVERYTHING is random and/or out of your control? I’m not sure if this is a recipe for frustration of dissatisfaction or both. My conclusion: if you can play a game and not take the ending too seriously, no matter how hard you try, then go for Citadels. If you like at least an iota of control, stay away.

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Martian Dice

35 out of 41 gamers thought this was helpful

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this game from TMG, and I can say that it exceeded my expectations.

As a family man trying to usher my brood to the world of gaming, you could not ask for more than the flashy Martian Dice container. And within? 13 very colorful high-quality dice. My only beef with the package is the frequent possibility of the container bottom or top flying off with vigorous, uncontrolled shaking. As you can imagine, thsi happens with 3 young kids.

The game itself was easy to learn, with very clear and concise instructions.

Where this game really shines for my family is in its compactness and quick play time. This game has really served when we are at a restaurnat waiting for the food to arrive after ordering. This is the perfect game to break out. Portability is great, and we can play a quick game where the kids would otherwise be getting bored and antsy.

I highly recommend this game for any family, and for anyone who enjoys dicing games.

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30 out of 34 gamers thought this was helpful

I think the thing I like most about Homesteaders is that on the edge feel, that each move by yourself and others can effect gameplay. It is that edginess that really delivers on the “homesteader” experience. You can just imagine Pa with his family and wagon heading out to the undiscovered country to scratch out a living on virgin soil. With nothing but options ahead of Pa, what does he do to ensure the survival of his family?

I think of Homesteaders as a slow burn. This is not a game with big moves that have big consequences. In this game, each round builds upon the last and leads to a very satisfying conclusion, even if you are not the victor.

The components are of excellent quality, and I even got one of the moisture damage copies. Still it has held up through repeated gameplay.

My group found it a bit of a challenge to learn, but after a play or 2 it is steady as she goes. There is a fair amount of set up (though not as much as some games), and for the sake of future plays I am always very careful about how I put it away. Nonetheless, these minor issues do not take away from the excellent experience. It is often requested by my gamer friends, and always delivers.

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