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There are many deck builders that do nothing but have you buy cards to buy other cards to get points or defeat monster cards. That’s a lack of depth in a genre that has great potential, and the VOTK series does something to address that lack of depth. In this game, you must balance the desire to continue to play a given card throughout the game versus the need to bury it in your pyramid for points at the end of the game, because only cards buried in your pyramid will give you points. And you need to bury sets of the same color, but not repeat cards, to stack those points, all set against the backdrop of the sand running out of the hourglass. In this case, the timer for the game is the deck itself, and when all cards have been bought or disposed of, from the stock and pyramid, and all players have had an equal number of turns, the game ends.

So with a full slate of 4 players, the scores will be lower and you can adjust your strategy to that, but with two players, the need to bury a lot of cards is paramount.

I consider all three games in the series published so far to be good; however, my favorite is Afterlife.

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