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Glory to Rome

133 out of 149 gamers thought this was helpful

In Glory to Rome you play a young Patrician hoping to gain influence and fortune by helping to rebuild Rome after the great fire of 64 AD.

The object of the game is to gain wealth and power (Victory Points) by completing structures for Emperor Nero and selling the building materials for your personal gain!

5 Player mats
6 Merchant Bonus Chips
1 Rome Demands mat
187 Playing Cards [144 Order cards, 36 Construction Sites, 6 Jacks (Wild cards for Role use), & 1 Leader Card]

Glory To Rome is multifaceted in that every Order Card offers you the choice of using it as a Building card, a Resource card, a Client card, a Role card or VP(s). Upon viewing your opening hand you will discover different buildings you may construct, each with special abilities you may earn upon construction completion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard players say, “I want to build all of these!” From there, you decide on which buildings you’ll want to build first, which cards you’ll treat as resources, which cards you’ll want to use for Roles to get the actions done you wish to complete, etc. Your abilities can be limited by your Influence (which you’ll strategize to increase) and your special gained abilities from completed buildings will offer you short cuts and loop holes that other players won’t have the privilege of. The player with the most VP’s at the end of the game is the winner. Playback value is very high. It always feels like I’m seeing new cards and/or employing a different strategy than the previous game.

While this version is Out of Print, I was recently able to purchase my own copy of it from Ebay for a good price. 🙂

Another print style of this game was also released and can be found available for purchase through various vendors.

At least one Expansion has also been made available.

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72 out of 112 gamers thought this was helpful

I love me some Hanabi. Holding your cards face-out, giving each other clues about which plays to make, and working together with as few words as possible all make this game refreshingly different. I’ve played Hanabi with avid gamers and non-gamers alike and all were able to enjoy themselves. Once players understand 1.) the objective and 2.) what can and cannot be said in the game, it’s all fireworks from there!

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