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Mr. Jack

36 out of 40 gamers thought this was helpful

Mr. Jack is a very simple yet very complex game, its depth of strategy is very good. One player is “Mr. Jack” (a.k.a. Jack the Ripper) and the other is the investigators, attempting to prevent him from escaping and reveal him before morning. The game is played over 8 turns, at the start of each turn four character cards are flipped; these are the two player options for which characters they are allowed to use that turn. The players each will get two character picks from the available cards in the order: A=>B=>B=>A with the players swapping who gets first choice. After a player chooses one of the available character cards then moves and uses the action of the character on the card. After all 4 of the cards are chosen, Jack must reveal whether he is in the light or the dark. This lets the investigator narrow down the suspects by seeing who is not in whatever Jack specified. Overall, I found the game play extremely in depth. The Strategy is, while easy to grasp after several games, complex enough that it will by no means mastered quickly.

This game has beautiful components, all of the pieces are nice wooden markers. The artwork is perfect, it really captures the atmosphere of the game very well. The cards are, as the rest of the components, quality; they are large and heavy cardboard, very satisfying to wield.

With the price in the 30-40$ range, this game is well worth the cost.

Overall I found Mr. Jack very engaging, very strategic and with a very high replay value. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested.

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104 out of 111 gamers thought this was helpful

Here is a basic breakdown of this game from my perspective:

Game Play:
This game was nothing like any other game I had ever played before, I never got into Magic for instance. Its structure and mechanics were just so different that it took me several games before I could play coherently. Once I reached that point however strategy as I had never seen before unfolded. The game is played out with two players engaging in conflict in an attempt to gain control of story cards which are placed in the middle; first to three wins. Every turn player will summon characters, support cards (items and places) and events to use in their attempt at the stories. They pay for these cards with domains which gradually grow to larger and larger values, they can drain all of their domains once each turn. The player then commits characters to story(s). Their opponent opposes them with characters of their own. Four struggles are resolved, Madness, Combat, Arcane and Investigation, the player’s characters tally their icons and they are compared to determine the winners at the stories. The winner of the madness struggle drives an opposing character insane. The winner of the combat struggle wounds an opposing character. The winner of the arcane struggle may ready an exhausted character. The winner of the Investigation struggle places a success token on the story. After all of the struggles have been resolved, the total skill of remaining characters is calculated for both sides and the attacker achieves success only if their skill is higher than the defender’s. Once a player has won three stories, they are victorious.

Game Components:
The game’s cards are very visually pleasing and well designed, they have great illustrations. The board is just the right size and also features nice illustration. The Cthulhu domain markers are, to say the least, extremely cool. Although unpainted they look and work just fine.

The base set itself is reasonably priced (around $35-$40) and the expansions while more costly if you get a lot of them aren’t that bad either ($7-$10 each). One of the features of this game is that you only have to buy one of each expansion to have all of the cards, no random buying.

Replay Value:
This game has a very high replay value, the multiple factions to choose from combined with the deck building aspect make every game different. For me at least this game never gets old.

Learning Curve:
Unfortunately the learning curve for this game is quite steep, someone who has never played a game of this type will usually take multiple games to be able to start fully grasping the strategy.

While it does incur a significant amount of luck of the draw, due to the deck building aspect, even if a player draws badly, that doesn’t lose them the game.

Overall, I loved this game it is fun and very engaging. The replay value is high and I hope to play it many more times.

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