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I’ll preface this by saying I have three board/card gaming groups my wife and I play with. The game was introduced to us, we bought a copy. We introduced it to the other two groups and another four copies were promptly purchased by those couples we game with.
The humor is a bit crude, and the artwork bloody/gross/comical. Even if that is a problem for you, don’t let yourself miss out on an absolute gem of a card game.

My wife and I have both really enjoyed this title with plenty of friends with a wide variety of tastes. It generally gets played at least once every time we get together to play games.

I am just hoping for an eventual expansion pack, but the game doesn’t necessarily NEED one.

It is extremely easy to learn, and fairly fast paced with a smaller group. (the winner is the first person to win twice.) You could always just play individual rounds, but that is how the game was intended to be played. With six people, getting two wins by the same person tends to take awhile.

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Sentinels is a fantastic game. It completely corners the market on quality super hero action. The cards included are high quality and so are the tokens that you use to keep track of the game.

As far as replay value goes, I’ve had this game for six months now and in that time it has gotten more play time than anything else in my collection (which is growing pretty quickly.)

One side to the game is that we tried more than once to randomly pick a villain. We have found that we are more likely to succeed if we pick the villain first, then choose which heroes to send into battle accordingly.

The game is not difficult to learn, but we have noticed that it gets more and more difficult the more players you add. Seems like our golden number is four.

Lastly, there is a fantastic app on the Itunes store called Sentinels Sidekick which does an amazing job of keeping the table less cluttered. Check it out if you are tired of using tokens to keep track of character health.

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