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Gamer - Level 4
Gamer - Level 4
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Dominion: Intrigue

69 out of 101 gamers thought this was helpful

Awsome game even better if you get the expansions

The game allows the gamers perform a lot of combos, the setup style gives differents ways or strategies to play and this is excellent to avoid the rutin of the game.

Just be sure to understand all the active cards because some times one single card could be powerfull but in other games could be completely garbage and this depends entirely of the complete set of cards that are choosen for the match.

It´s great for every kind of players, cause is easy to learn the basic rules, and very complex if you like to make combos over the game, you have a lot of ways to perform your game style. and based on that reason I completely recomend this game.

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63 out of 73 gamers thought this was helpful

I was played this game and I don´t think that it could be defined as a strategy game due the lucky factor.

The main way to win force you to explore between the monsters and there are randomly arranged since the begining of the match so this means that you could find the biggest monster at the begining, this could be an issue for a power gamer because you could expend a few turns trying to get the best cards to pass over the monsters and in the same time other player with just lucky, could beats the first weakest monsters even without the better cards.

In a general way to make a review, the game provide enough fun if you play it as an avid gamer.

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King of Tokyo

48 out of 62 gamers thought this was helpful

To great in a Little box.

This kind of games gives you a lot of fun with a little components, the estrategy it´s easy and the lucky factor is balanced, also the flavor is fun and you will get a good time with your friends.

Even for an experienced gamer the posibility of combos make this game interesting for them.

So, is a great game for everybody and any kind of gamers could get involve, it has all in one, estrategy, party game, fast, simple, lucky, etc.

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68 out of 101 gamers thought this was helpful

The First good RPG in a boardgame that I could remember.
Is now dificult to get it in good conditions and the Price going up very day.

If you think that you are a great board gamer you have to play this, it´s a Little bit complicated but you will be rewarded for the time.

With a great components, and a great playable fórmula, this could be the one that you need to get yourself into the dungeons and dragons basis, just like the new ones like the legend of drizt.

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57 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

Quick to play even for a newby gamer,the rules are so simple and may be you gone to take less tan a half hour to get the general idea of the game, regardless of this I have to say something negative about the lucky factor because is to strong and this could cause a frustration on power gamers.

In a positive thought this game could give you the chance to involve a new gamers due to the simplicity of the mechanics and the few components.

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