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Go to the 5-Minute Dungeon page

5-Minute Dungeon

6 out of 7 gamers thought this was helpful

You have 5 minutes to cooperatively escape from a dungeon by playing the necessary card combinations to defeat the baddies.

Pros: Fun and fast-paced, creative and well-done art, different play every time, an app available for a timer, cooperative – you all win or you all lose!

Cons: Fast-paced (which was frustrating while learning the game), not for casual play (you have to pay attention during 5-minute play and do not have time for chatting and have conversation unrelated to the game.

I have only played it twice and while it was fun, it was so fast that my friends who are not big game players were frustrated. I think I would give a little extra time for beginners. If you are playing with people who are up for some frustratingly fast gameplay and are willing to lose a few times to learn the game, it will be a better experience than what I had. Now, my husband, who is not always a great sport about all the new games I foist on him and our friends, refuses to play this one. :-/ I will try it at a game night with my pro-gaming friends and see how it goes.

There are other 5 Minute games out there now. I purchased the 5 Minute Marvel for my sister. It’s the same game but with Marvel characters.

Go to the Happy Salmon page

Happy Salmon

4 out of 7 gamers thought this was helpful

This game takes a minute to learn and 5 minutes to play; fun for almost any age. 6 player or with the Blue Salmon expansion 12 players. But spectators will be as entertained as the players.

I have gifted this game to several young families because of its simplicity and silly fun. If you can high five and fist bump, you can play. Happy Salmon has also come out with Funky Chicken which can be mixed with Happy Salmon for more crazy fun.

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