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71 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is the first one I pack in my bag when I’m going anywhere. And that’s saying something since I ride my bike everywhere. The only downfall is the box size (but that’s
pretty true about most board games) and it was easily repackaged to a portable size.

Replay Value:
Okay I admit, 3 games in a row is about my limit but I am always up for a game.

I love the chips with the nice weight and size. The cards are gorgeous and are designed so you can easily tell (front or back) which level they are.

Easy to Learn:
I’ve taught this to all levels of gamer (including non-gamer relatives) and it’s really quick to explain. It’s also addictive so it’s a great game to get them started with!

Other good points:
Fast game – we’ve played two games on a 1/2 hour lunch break (with 2 players).

I’m not a huge fan of the royal bonuses (the dukes and such that you can earn for having cards of a certain type and number). I feel they overlap too much and make it a little over-powering. We fix this by pulling them at random and then tossing and repulling if the same color is on all the bonuses.

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