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I picked this up earlier in the week and have played 12 games of it so far. I found myself instantly hooked. There are so many different combinations of heroes, villians and environments you never really play the same game twice.

Each game you pick 3-5 heroes, 1 villian to fight and 1 environment to fight in. Each choice has its own unique deck. What happens next is the final scenes of a superhero comic. Or think of the Avengers movie at the end when they are fighting Loki and his army of aliens. You must fight against the villian, his minions and the enviroment itself. A monorail may derail and damage your hero in Metropolis, or dinosaurs show up while fighting on Primal Island or you’ll accidently trigger the self-destruct sequence at the Mars Base. All sorts of challenges can show up based on the decks you are playing with.

The game is fast, kinetic and fun. A bit fiddly, but absoluately worth it.

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