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Go to the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game Starter Set page
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Everyone loves Star Wars, well most anyway. I am not exception. I finally picked up the starter kit for X-Wing miniatures. The game is super easy to learn and ready to rock straight out of the box. The game mechanics are pretty simple, seek and destroy (Metallica is now playing in your head). The game comes with cardboard flight paths for your ships to move. It has another cardboard piece to measure the strength of your attack. Simple 3-sided dice that give you defense or attack options. Even the game data provided on the pilot and augment cards is easy to understand and follow. The makes are painted well and between my friend and myself both our starters came with all ships in perfect condition. Your game goes relatively fast and again, it is easy. Lots of fun and looking forward to adding other ships like the Falcon and Slave 1 among the many available and planned. This is making me fall more in-love with Fantasy Flight (getting the Star Wars RPG next).

So why did I give only 4 stars on replay value? It is almost to easy. I know that sounds absurd, but it really is. We found ourselves almost bored after a handful of games (could have been the Sam Adams). Secondly (this is also the reason I gave 4 stars for components) this is probably the most expensive pre-painted miniatures game I have seen. They are of great quality, I don’t deny that. Expansions are not cheap. They are nearly the same cost as a starter, and just for one ship (starter comes with 2 ties and one X-wing). I am not broke, but I am frugal (as frugal as a gamer can be). I like to feel like you get a great game for the price. The starter isn’t to bad. The additional ships should be at least $5 less, $10 would be better.

Finally, I love Star Wars. If you do, you will love this game, your wallet won’t.

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In L5R (Legend of the Five Rings) you play as one of 10 clans (Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Mantis, Phoenix, Scorpion, Spider, Unicorn, and Shadowlands plus the unique option of “going Ronin” or Unaligned). Set in an Asian environment with an ever-changing storyline, many times altered by victories at tournaments.

Each card offers beautiful, unique and imaginative art work. Deep and full of color, it helps to compel the player to go deeper into the story and fantasy of the game.

Like other TCG/CCGs it offers unique “lore” with each card. As previously mentioned L5R has a living, engaging storyline. Updates come on the website, in each expansions and in the Herald, a newsletter (which looks like a newspaper) sent out to Imperial Assembly members ($30 a year plus special promos). Probably one of the biggest pluses to L5R is the storyline. Knowing that if the Clan you align with kicks some serious tail they will dominate the storyline. Their samurai, shugenja or courtiers will curve and disrupt the story to their will.

Offering several winning conditions makes for an adventure with each game. By dominating the other players people and land you gain a Military victory. Perhaps you have the sheer will to summon the five legendary rings (Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Void) and earn an Enlightenment victory. You can also prove your wealth to the Empire through an Honor victory. Likewise help show the Empire how unworthy your opponent is by forcing them into dishonor.

As with most games like this, there are “broken” cards or “engines”
that come about and drastically affect game play. The L5R team is good about addressing these issues quickly despite their proven track record of leaving game play alone as much as possible.

Issues I have with L5R are the same I have with MTG, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Star Wars, etc). First you encounter “rares” which end up having virtually no value but still fill that all important slot in your booster pack. Second issues, is the need for the “booster” pack filling your home with boxes and boxes of duplicate commons and uncommons with no resale value and hard to recycle.

Overall L5R is a rich, open, fun game with a small but loyal world-wide fan base. I recommend giving it a shot, but understand it will take some time to become an expert and a bit of cash.

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