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Eldritch Horror

51 out of 78 gamers thought this was helpful

I think we all know if you have played this game it is much better, I do not think it will replace Arkham as of yet, but as a whole this game is a much more streamlined version. The game plays much smoother and the game is near flawless. I think Fantsy Flight has really paid attention to the market. In fact after playing this a few times we brought Arkham Horror out to give it a play just some things seem clunky in the game. I don’t love it less it opened my eyes to a whole world of gamming and I owe it that. Arkham definitely has more choices of end game monsters and characters but at first play can be almost over whelming. Even though this is just as big it did not have that same feel and for that is much more repayable in the long run.

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I have mixed feelings for this review. As a long time role player, I was very excited for this game. I got the pre order and the add on deck. We went through a ton of scenarios in this game and in the long run I have let go of this game to the trade pile. I feel the game is a little to repetitive. Maybe with some rule changes this game can be so much more. But as the base set and the first two adventure paths, the play sessions can leave you very unfulfilled. Now if you are not looking for the most heavy thematic game and complicated game you may enjoy this. But everything that this game say to do is not what it is. There are good things about the game, I like the cards and the art work. the dice rolling is fun but it not enough to carry a whole game. The box was very well thought out with the card slots I wish a lot of other games would take a lesion from this. Even though I sold it I may buy it again just for collection purposes. For starting gamers this is a very good game to bring into the board game hobby and it will open there eyes to a whole new world of gaming. This just does not meet the needs of heavy gamers. I really wanted to love this game but I am sorry to say I was un-thrilled.

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