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Wiz-War takes place in a stone dungeon, where 2-4 players (Wizards) battle to earn Victory Points.

Victory points can be earned one of two ways:
1. Capture get another player’s treasure token onto your starting space.
2. Kill a Wizard

There are 7 schools of magic, White Cantrip, Alchemy, Conjuring, Elemental, Mentalism, Mutation, and Thaumaturgy. During the setup of each game the players choose the White Cantrip school, and 3 other schools of magic to play with. The unselected schools of magic go back into the box and won’t be used this game. This selection of magic schools really helps replayability as the schools interact differently with each other, making each game unique.

Each Wizard starts the game with 15 health points and a hand of 7 cards, drawn out of the spell deck. On your turn you may move 3 spaces (or more if modified), cast any number of “general” spells, and make 1 attack OR cast 1 harmful spell. The spells you choose to use, and how you choose to use them, are the main deciding factor of who will win.
Luck is a factor in this game, but not as much of a factor as most games I’ve played. Most attacks are flat rate, or variable based on the energy that you choose to pump into a card, and the few things that require a die roll use a 4 sided die.

The one and only downside that I saw about this game is that if a Wizard loses all of his/her hit points, or if both their treasures are on other player’s starting areas, he/she is eliminated and does not continue playing the game. This wasn’t a problem in any of the games I’ve played, but I could see it being a problem if one player gets teamed up on and gets eliminated early.

My gaming group and I really enjoy this game because of the challenge of trying to use your spells in the most strategic way possible to get to survive, protect your treasure, and steal your opponent’s treasue. I would highly recommend this game to anyone that likes the idea of fantasy battles.

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I recently purchased Quarriors! from Amazon because I thought the concept looked interesting. I attempted to play a quick game of it with two of my gaming buddies before we started on Dominion, but we never got around to playing Dominion that night. We did, however, play 6 hours of Quarriors!

A turn goes as follows:
1. Gain Glory for each creature that you summoned last turn that is still alive (you win the game upon reaching a certain Glory score)
2. Draw 6 dice out of your dice bag and roll them
3. Cast any spells or summon creatures based on what you rolled.
4. Calculate combat total and have your newly summoned creatures attack opponents’ creatures.
5. Purchase new dice.

We found this game to have an incredible replay value as the possible dice you can “purchase” change every game, and the combinations of purchasable dice change, giving you a different dynamic every game.

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