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Puerto Rico

62 out of 70 gamers thought this was helpful

Puerto Rico is one of my favorite games, and probably one of the most challenging, when playing with others of your same level.

While this game is not hard to learn, there are many different strategies for winning (and learning to play and counter those strategies) can be a steep curve.

The Role Selection machanism might be new to some, but after a few turns it is easily understood.

The games state is always visible, meaning, with the exception of a player’s current victory point total, there are no hidden factors.

The only thing that is randomly determined in the game is the play order (and starting player), leaving the game on a mental level with Chess, where you are always trying to think a turn or two ahead.

The fact that other players also have the ability to use the role abilities at the same time is a huge factor in game play and can be used to effectively lock out other players moves. Understanding of these roles and the ability to estimate an opponents next choice of roles is a major part of the learning curve of this game.

If you are into games that require mental accuity, this game is for you. This game can be unforgiving of mistakes and you need to be able to pay attention to other players actions as well as your own.
Definitely not a game for everyone, but a game that I will pay over and over when given a chance.

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