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90 out of 97 gamers thought this was helpful

This small expansion doesn’t really add too much to the game, but also doesn’t cost much either. I’ll be honest, we never play the included rules with The Count expansion. It does reward helping other players but the extra rules tend to make the game more confusing for new players and distract from the overall playability of Carcassonne.

If we get out The Count, we use the starting city instead of the starting tile or The River to have a greater number of places to start building. The Grimace looking meeple that represents the Count becomes a mascot/heckler for us during the game.

One of the nice benefits of adding The Count to your collection is that it gives you more abilities to make up rules, which we do often with our toddlers when playing Carcassonne. My boys often use The Count meeple to protect the Princess from the Dragon earning them an additional tile draw.

So, while it doesn’t really add too much, it’s worth the few bucks to give more starting/rule options to keep Carcassonne play fresh and interesting and spawning creativity. Plus, it stores easily it’s packing and fits nicely in the Carcassonne box.

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26 out of 36 gamers thought this was helpful

I can always get my whole family to play this including my 3 year old. It’s great to learning colors, numbers, taking turns, following rules and thinking though directions (Who’s next on a skip or reverse card?). We play with our hands face up on the table so we can assist them if they need it. My older son (5) has started to think strategy and tries to play cards knowing the next person won’t have it and will have to draw. Granted this game will probably bore the adult crowd but if you are looking for a quick time-killer with toddlers, get the UNO! Bonus: Easily fits in any diaper/picnic bag.

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