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Love Letter

59 out of 67 gamers thought this was helpful

Love letter is so simple and easy to teach that its accessible to anyone. The fact that the only components making it up are 16 game cards, 4 reference cards and some cubes, all of which fit nicely into the little pouch which comes with the game, means that you can easily fit it into your pocket. Many a time I have found myself getting this out while at the pub with friends.

A fantastic small game that you can take wherever you go makes this an essential part of any board gamers collection

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King of Tokyo

58 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

In King of Tokyo each player takes on the role of a giant monster, which are represented by wonderful little monster cut-outs, fighting to take control of Tokyo. Players take turns rolling dice to fight, gain energy, heal or score those ever important victory points needed to gain victory.

As the game goes on players can spend energy to purchase powerful game-changing cards. These evolve their monster granting it powers such an extra head, which allows the player to roll an extra dice every turn.

Play goes back and forth between players fighting over Tokyo until either all other players are eliminated or someone reaches 20 victory points.

Really nice components
Good re-playability
Easily accessible
Can be played fairly quickly
Not much set-up

Player elimination, which isn’t too bad considering how long it takes to play
Winning by victory points isn’t always satisfying
Can be slow to start as nobody wants to take Tokyo in the first few rounds

King of Tokyo can be a great game for introducing people to the hobby or a great filler game for between games as it is quick to play, easy to learn and incredibly fun once you get started

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