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43 out of 49 gamers thought this was helpful

Bought this game for six euros on discount, i never would have bought this game for full price, because of its outside looks and that I had never heard about it. Game is really good and interesting, with many possible ways to win. It is simple, easy to learn, quick and fun to play.

Games story line is about Egypt when priests of two deities are fighting for power and influence. Each player plays for one of dieties- Aton or Amon by taking over four different temples using priests. Each temple gives points in different ways, game may be won by colecting fourty points or taking over all Green or yellow tiles in each temple, or taking over whole temple. Game mechanics is based on deciding in which order to put your four drawn cards. One time in each game you can put away drawn cards and draw others. On cards are numbers from 1 to 4, each player gets own card deck with the same amount of cards and values. Game board is put together by six puzzle pieces.

Very good price quality ratio.
There are not so many two players games and this is a great filler.
I suggest this game as a break between more complicated games or a starter.

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Terra Mystica

69 out of 77 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is awesome! 10/10 to me.

* Game board is designed so you could easily understand what does what, how many resources buildings and improvements cost, how many points you get for each action, which are special abilities to each race, so you do not need to reread again and again rule book.
* Race enriches game, so you get different game experience with each race.
* Game has eliminated the factor of luck, you do not have to roll a dice, shuffle or draw cards, etc, your actions does not depend on luck, everything that affects game is a result of your choices.
* It looks awesome;
* You can get points in various ways, by building up an empire, religion, getting points using special abilities from each race, founding cities, not always the person who has built up the biggest territory/empire wins.
*Each race has different building costs and given goods from same buildings and different special abilities.

* Everything comes in a plastic bags and there is like a ton of pieces so it is really frustrating to set up game. For easier set up it is advisable to buy or make carton/wooden case with sections, which totally eliminates this problem.
* Game is complicated, with many rules, takes really long time to explain game to others.
* Not that much fun for two players.

Final thoughts:
* It would be excellent if there were different looking buildings and priests among race.
* Definitely not suitable for beginners.

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83 out of 95 gamers thought this was helpful

Game that I really wanted and waited for a quite long time to finally find out that in my rating it is 5/10.

* Good quality, but again you pay every penny for it.
* Easy to learn, includes scoring pad, which really helps to count points.

* Most of the game pieces are just meant to be resources and have no other purpose, which makes game really costly and heavy and also makes game set up really time-consuming.
* Each game is almost identical to previous due to cave furnishings and actions which are always the same (you can always choose among all possibilities), some of players may like this, but in my opinion it greatly reduces game replay value. In comparison to another U.Rosenbergs game Le Havre where special building greatly changes game and its tactics and almost never is the same.
* On one hand you may do everything you want, but on the other you can play with the same winning game tactics every time, which makes it quite boring.

I suggest game to families with children, because it is not complicated and children are definitely happier about wooden pieces. I really liked Le Havre and i bought Caverna only because it was the same designers game and had really positive reviews telling this game is amazing, boy i was disappointed. It is mediocre game with high price.

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