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38 out of 48 gamers thought this was helpful

I first saw this game on TableTop and i just had to try it.
Killing people have never been so fun.
I played it with my boyfriend and it was so mutch fun.
It´s dark and twisted.
The rules are quite simple to learn and you learn so mutch troghout the game to.
I strongly recommend this game to peapole with some dark and twisted humor.
It is an unpredictable game it all depends on your cards.

The card tells a happening, an event or the finale death and the point is to get your characters as unhappy as possible and then kill them off with the cards you have.

The moore depressed and heartbroken the characters are the higher your finale score will be.

I love this game and i hope you´ll do that too.

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14 out of 45 gamers thought this was helpful

My first reaction to playing this game was pure joy.
I love telling stories and use my imagination.
Once upone a time is a game that you can play with both your family and your friends.
It´s easy to understand and the stories you make can become how wierd and awkward or beautiful and tradgic.
The beauty of the game is that you use your imagination to create funny stories and hopfully finish the story before your co creators ends it.
It´s a game worth playing more than once.

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24 out of 58 gamers thought this was helpful

Steve Jacksson has done a great job with this game.
This is one of my favorite games in ages.
Me and my friends had so much fun playing it.
I thought it was pretty confusing when i was reading the rules for the first time but it got easier the more you played it.
This is absolutly not a game for sore loosers because everybody backstabs everybody atleast once in the game.

Its a very unpredictable game and i love it.
summoning it up, messy at the beginning but fun all the way:)

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