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Bruxelles 1893

38 out of 44 gamers thought this was helpful

Bruxelles 1893 is a very challenging game.

It has lots of ways of making points, and the points you make with each one will be diferent according to the coeficient you decide for each.

The game allows you to choose only some of this ways and to be however effective, and this is one of the things I like more from it.

The race to free your workers from jail is very important, and so is the fact of choosing fast at least two of the ways of getting points to do them.

In sum, there’s a lo of games in one, there’s a lot of races in wich we can decide or not to be, and a lot of ways to win.

By the way, the colours, symbols and shapes are not friendly at all and the board and card colours and style, although they match well the subject, are not very convenient for seeing clearly the diferent scales.

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39 out of 44 gamers thought this was helpful

This expansion to Agricola is the only one who brings more than new cards. As it, it’s a pity to see that it is not so known as it should.

First of all, we have here, with the special action cards, the horses, and the new major improvements a lot of new ways to play and to make points.

But also some more difficulties in the harvesting periods, with the heating needs, that pushes you up to renew your house, and the need of finding room for your horses.

One of the things I particullary like on this expansion, is the attenuation of the building and borning races. You have some wider panel of possibilities than in the normal game.

And the pleasure of playing three or four times per turn from the beginning of the game is a large compensation for the headaches you will have in the last three turns.

After some games with this expansion, I guess you’ll never more play Agricola without it!

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