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As a bilingual education teacher, I’ve used these cubes in my classes multiple times with a lot of success. Every time I’ve used them, I’ve found a higher than normal amount of student engagement. They’re great for getting the students to think in the target language since there are only images on each side of the cube. Even the emerging readers are able to use them.

As a writer, I find that these cubes are great to use to spur my imagination that little bit more. If I’m stuck with a scene or just want to free write, I’ll only roll one or two cubes and use them for 200-500 words as inspiration.

As a mother, watching my child come up with stories based on the pictures was fantastic. My daughter has used the cubes since before she could read. She would roll and I’d write down the stories she told. Later we would read the story together. Now that she’s an emerging reader, she writes down parts of her own stories.

Overall, I’d give the cubes 8.5/10.

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