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Elemental Blast - Board Game Box Shot

Elemental Blast

| Published: 2013

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Elemental Blast is a fast and fun party game for 2-7 players. Use the elements to disrupt your opponents and achieve victory!

Elemental Sorcerers are vying for power and control of an ancient realm. In Elemental Blast you take on the role of one the last of these Sorcerers as you strive to bring peace or destruction (your choice) to the realm. What elements will you master?

Elemental Blast components
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Each element card is linked with a specific action. Example: Playing a FIRE card lets you use the action BURN, which forces the next player to discard 2 cards. Elements can also be stacked together to unleash even more chaos!

During the game players try to be the first to collect a set of five of any one element. Use fire, darkness, and wind to disrupt your opponents plans or use water, earth, and light to get yourself the cards that you need for victory.

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