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Cosmic Patrol

17 out of 25 gamers thought this was helpful

Do you like golden age sci-fi? Laser beams, rocket ships and really bad, bad guys? This game is for you.
I bought this game originally because it contained a few things I was interested in. One was a somewhat improv nature to the game. The story-lines you are given are short and encourage you to take the story in any direction that you see fit. Second, the rotating story-teller allowed for the story to branch out into areas that were unforeseen. I believe that the rotating story-teller can be useful if you are curious about running a game of some sort but don’t know if you want to put the effort required into running a full game.
I played this with my usual role-playing group as a break from our regular games of d&d, cthulhu and eclipse phase. A good time was had by everyone.
Another factor of the game that I only became aware of after purchasing it was the ease of character generation. For some games, even one-offs, character generation is overly complex (I’m looking at you GURPS, and yes now i know that GURPS is not a fitting system for a one-off), Cosmic Patrol character generation is quick and easy. 6 dice for stats and some key words to round out your character. That’s it.
This game is highly recommended.

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