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Board your ships and ready the sails for a fun pirate themed racing game.

The Story: The story behind the game is interesting. It is about an ex-pirate who has “cleverly” become the Governor of Jamaica. Instead of driving out the pirates, he welcomes them all to live on the island without consequences. 30 years later, “The Great Challenge” is created to celebrate his decision. That challenge you may ask? A race around the island, and whoever has the most gold in their holds win!

Game play Basics: This game is definitely a ton of fun! It is a racing game at heart, with some light strategy, resource management, and a bit of good ol’ fashion pirate fighting. The strategy on which card you want to play each turn. Do you want land on someone and attack? Or stock up on food you will need further ahead? Or perhaps get dubloons needed for ports and to win the game. There are many decisions to be made. Since the holds of the ship have limited room, you can’t have anything you want. And the fighting is my favorite aspect of the game. When you land where another player’s ship is, a fight begins. Using cannons and the attack die, the winner gets to steal resources or treasure from the loser!

All of this while racing to the finish.

Pros: ARTWORK. Beautiful. The board is incredible.
The layout of the board.
The insert. One of the best inserts. Pieces fit perfectly.
Game play. Smooth easy playing for any age.

Cons: The “action” cards seem a bit limited at times. I wish there were more cards for each player. Shuffling through again is a simple fix. The cardboard pieces tend to peel away at the edges easily.

Final regards: I recommend this game for any gamer that enjoys a easy to learn game that can easily get 6 players around the table. The game is more fun with more players since pirate battles are more likely to happen. It creates a certain atmosphere that just isn’t there with only two or three players. While the action cards can get repetitive and slightly dull, the amount of decision making easily compensates.

If you are looking for a party game, family game, light game, or racing game, I believe this game is for you.

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