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Liscenced games are hard to work with. You have to come up with mechanics that fit the theme, and you have to have good game mechanics that keep you wanting to play. Battlestar Galactica has managed this balance amazingly. The mechanics are simple to pick up, and easy to master. Where the difficulty comes in is how far can you trust your crew?
Battlestar Galactica was clearly created with the fans of the sci-fi series in mind. You have many of the characters of the show playable, you have different specialties amongst those characters, and you have an astounding atmosphere of tension. The feeling is captured so wonderfully that you find yourself either thinking back to an episode with certain events you are reliving in mind, or wondering how things would have unfolded had your gaming experience been the story.
Battlestar Galactica is at it’s heart a social gaming experience. Finger pointing, strategizing, allegiances implied our aloud. And in the end, these cannot be counted upon, for there will be at least one Cylon amongst you. And these agents working towards the destruction of humanity are just as dangerous in secret as when they are exposed.
The mechanics take a quick back seat despite making up the game play. They almost just happen and require almost no thought by the players. This makes it a very easy game to pick up and teach for non-gamers and non-fans of the show.
In the end, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect game of this type. Replayability options are through the roof as no two games will ever be the same, and they will always build that feeling of tension to the victory or loss of the humans.

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