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My parent’s don’t really play many games. They’re both serious Yankees, Mom works in education, Dad is an Innkeeper. Whenever we go to visit them, this game gets brought out and they turn into giggling fiends. This was one of the first game’s we brought for them to try, and they play it regularly, to the point where it now lives at their house.

This is a great game, easy to play and set up. Pick a color, pick a corner, and build for all you’re worth. There is a definite strategy component to the game, which can make it pretty competitive. Winner is the person with the fewest (and smallest) pieces left. There are some shapes that you’ll want to get rid of early, but keep your single square–it’s worth extra points if you clear your pieces with it going last.

Fun, fast, easy setup and breakdown, the pieces have a nice bit of weight to them, despite being plastic. I’ve played it with 57 year old Curmudgeon, and a 5 year old distracted by cake. And they both have asked to play it again.

I can’t think of any better praise for a game than this:
This game makes my Dad giggle.

Over and out.

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