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I’ve played this game a.lot with family and friends. Easy to teach and a good gateway game I’d say for anyone who you think would like a light wargame.

The good:
-teaches some history of ww2
-The terrain give bonuses to def and thematically slows down units crossing over.
-the miniatures are awesome
-a game you can teach kids
-each scenario is different enough to give it some replayabilty, and if you do get bored, there is tons of expansions.
-Like the ranged attack, artillery shoots up to 6 spaces, ta is shoot three with three dice, infantry shoot three space but one die.

The bad
-Takes around 5-6 min to set up each scenario
– Cards can make it a game driven more of Luck instead of strategy. But if played properly you can you can save the cards you want for a calculated strike..just takes some paintence and luck that your opponent gets their cards first.
You can’t counterattack >.<

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