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43 out of 52 gamers thought this was helpful

Dominion: Alchemy adds a whole new treasure card called potions. While this is hard to manage, it adds an extra dimension and objective to vanilla Dominion.

I agree with the assumption that you need to use 3+ action cards that cost potions to purchase, as any less than that make potions almost worthless. However, when played fairly, numerous potion cards in one’s deck can pave the way to victory.

That being said, only two to three players at most (I usually play 4-player games) even attempt to go for the potion cards, which can cause a stalemate if they want to finish the game, and others don’t. This happens because picking a potion card and enough money is sometimes impossible.

I like the addition of a new treasure card, and while I usually won’t rush to buy the potion cards in any game; numerous people I play with like it. If it keeps them playing, then I will gladly use it.

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116 out of 127 gamers thought this was helpful

This was one of the few games I could ever get non-board game players to play with me. The game goes relatively quick (5-15 min) and will keep just about everyone entertained.

You have two separate players (Good and Evil) each trying to do something with a dragon. If you’re Good, you want to free the dragon. If you’re bad… you want to stoneify the dragon.

Anyways, the gameplay is amazingly simple for just about anyone. You must play 1 or a set of a certain card on the board no matter what. Each of these plays have the opportunity to steal other cards from off the board. The trick however, is that the cards just laid can be stolen by laying a different set of cards down. Your main goal is to rake in the “big” valued cards by not setting your opponent up, while still trying to able to steal cards yourself.

For hardcore strategists: You won’t like the random chance of your hand, but playing against an equal opponent will tax your brain.
For anyone else: It’s a great, quick game that doesn’t take much thinking besides a little planning.

Bottom Line: Great, quick game that can be used as a warm-up game to anything you might play later that night. The cards are beautiful as well as the pieces. For the price that it’s going at right now, it’s totally worth the deal.

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Through the Ages

56 out of 106 gamers thought this was helpful

Through the Ages is a great Civilization Building game for 2 to 4 players. That being said, I would advise beginner gamers to watch at least one game before attempting this complex game.
First off the bat, Through the Ages could be considered a long game, especially if you play the full version right off the bat. There are a few amendments to the game that you could make to the game with given rules to shorten the game considerably; and for beginner gamers, they help. Another questioning thing about this games includes pieces that are questionable at best. The cards can get worn pretty easily, and the pieces are a little small.
Other than the equipment defects, this game is great. The complex nature of the game is more of an after thought, as long as you are able to build a well-rounded civilization. Like a typical civilization however, one must attempt to boast a major attribute. It is a struggle to balance your development of your civilization’s strengths, but if you can do that….. your Civilization will stay alive “Through the Ages”

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