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33 out of 66 gamers thought this was helpful

With its multiple strategies and enough chaos based on the draw of the cards, Race for the Galaxy is one of my gaming group’s favorite games. Each time we play, we’re finding new strategies, and although some strategies have emerged as the most consistently valuable, we’re still exploring new ways to win. The card art is OK, but I’m not wowed by it. The quality of the components is fine and has held up well so far.

I see a lot of similarities to Dominion, but Race for the Galaxy offers more decisions and complexity than Dominion.

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62 out of 111 gamers thought this was helpful

Want a solitary experience? It’s got it.
Want a lot of conflict? It’s got it.
Want some awesome combos? Done.
Want a ton of variety? Loads of it.
Want the ability to build your own game each time? Yep.

It’s a fantastic game that’s easy to teach, easy to learn and offers hours of discovering strategies and card combinations.

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