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Dark Tower

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I played this game with my friend and his older brother many times back when I was about 11.

One thing I really remember about it is that it seemed nearly impossible to win.

I still remember the sounds the little computer in the tower would make every time I lost. It haunts me to this day.

Playing the game felt so immersive and exciting. It was competitive but in the end you were just happy if anyone could survive it. I think I may have only won a couple of times but that didn’t detract from the fun. The mechanics of the game are incredibly simple but the tower computer makes it seem much more magical. At least it did when I was 11.

But don’t just take my word on it, listen to Orson Wells:

Really, though, all you need to know about the game is on this page, made back in 1997 and archived here:

And…you can even play a flash version of the game here:

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