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Earth Reborn

68 out of 114 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is like a mixture between Warhammer and a Tabletop miniature game. Dont let that scare you tho. Even if the rules are rather complex and takes time to go through, its totally worth it when you start playing the S.A.G.S missions. No other game has this high replayability. Our first game was led by myself as a “leader” and the other guys playing 1v1v1v1. I had studied the rules for a week or so, and felt confident to teach them all how to play. Even tho I left out some minor mechanics, such as combined orders and interrupts for the first few turns, and we were all quite drunk, it went along just fine, and people want to play it again! And I am a sucker for big box games as well. I highly recommend this to someone who wants an intense, deep and tactial miniature squad game.

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