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11 out of 14 gamers thought this was helpful

So let me get this out of the way, I know nothing of Warmachine. I have never played, nor will I ever probably play, the miniatures game (even though it looks cool as all get out); however, I do have a soft spot for LCG/CCG style card games so I picked this one up when CSI had it on sale. After receiving it, tearing it open, sorting all the cards, and reading through the rules, here are my (short and quick) thoughts:

1. The artwork is fantastic. I can understand the issue with people with color blindness though.

2. The rule book is easy to read and understand, and relatively short, which makes jumping in much easier.

3. While the rule book is good, the game overall is lacking. My wife and I played two player and I just felt like the game progressed very slowly. Combat actions were clunky and something seems to be missing from the game overall. Hopefully Privateer Press will fix these issues with later releases and FAG/Rules updates.

Overall, with the release of upcoming small expansions (and hopefully some larger ones) this game has lots of room to grow in to something fantastic. I would recommend getting it.

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