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7 Wonders

13 out of 35 gamers thought this was helpful

Many people enjoy playing this game, but I for one don’t really see why. The game is kind of boring for me, because there is no real player interaction. There is, but is at a level below what I would define a game as being interactive. You just get of hand of cards, play the best one you can, and then just pass the remaining cards to the next player. Repeat 18 times and that’s the game.

There is no real strategy here, because of the randomness of the cards combined with picking what you get left from the players before you. Except what you decide to pass on, there are no other interactions with the players around you. No trading, no discussion, no real combat.

It feels more like you’re playing against the computer than playing against real breathing people.

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Eldritch Horror

6 out of 8 gamers thought this was helpful

I really enjoy playing this game. It is very engaging, especially if you like story driven games or like to immerse yourself in a role and get a bit dramatic when reading the cards.

It’s a cooperative game, so it has to provide quite the challenge. I am a big fan of cooperative play, because I am also competitive. When I play against other people I will do anything I can to win, even if others get upset with my aggressive play. When I play Eldritch Horror, my competitiveness goes into helping the group beat the bloody game. In this case I expect the game to give me quite a challenge and Eldritch Horror delivers here very well. Wining is not that probable.

I like the components. The graphics are really well done and the short story that is conveyed with encounter and condition cards is pleasing to read. There are a lot of cards and monsters. Here I’ll mention a small drawback. After playing a few games, especially once a week or so, the cards start to get kind of repetitive. This is solved if you buy the Forsaken Lore expansion, which I did. This offers more re-playability to the game by adding a lot of cards, especially by adding another Ancient One and more missions.

I didn’t find the rules too hard, but there are quite a few and getting all of them right from the start is probably impossible. Compared to Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror is simplified and more fluent in the events that occur throughout the game.

4 players is the ideal count to play the game. With 2 or less it’s not that captivating and with more than 6 it takes like 3-4 hours to complete.

In conclusion, I really enjoy this game. It’s was highly engaging for me and the group with which I play. The feeling of dread is always upon you, especially when turning over the Mythos cards, making the time spent playing go by pretty fast. I recommend Eldritch Horror if you are a fan of Lovecraft’s works or if you like to get sucked into stories.

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