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83 out of 96 gamers thought this was helpful

This game rocks. The quality of the miniatures,the boards, and everything in general is superb. I’m not one to play most games with miniatures, but I will keep coming back to this one and (gasp!) might even spend some time painting all the zombies.

The gameplay is smooth and the experience/danger level mechanics add a lot to would otherwise be a decent game about zombies. I’ve had a blast each of the four times I’ve played Zombicide so far with various friends, and I can tell it won’t be getting old for a long, long time. With a decent amount of missions included in the rulebook and what may be hundreds more available online, the replay value for this game is insane.

My biggest complaint is this:
There are some rules that swing the advantage a bit too far in the game’s/zombies’ favor. The clearest example being that if you run out of zombies to put on the board, you give all the zombies an extra turn. This will lose you games. The 65 zombies that you are given just aren’t enough to appease the game’s needs.Luckily, there are expansion packs and miniatures sets you can buy which will clear up that issue a bit.

Zombicide is a whopper of a game with a whopper of a price tag. Given the amount of fun you’ll have with the ever-increasing amount of missions and the quality of the pieces, it’s worth buying along with the expansions and miniatures sets.

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