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64 out of 71 gamers thought this was helpful

Wow, this game is a good time.
Exactly what a Zombie game should be, a constant fear of a million zombies running at you and eating your face off.

These zombie tokens are everywhere… there are just so many of the things, maybe it would be better to get tokens for tokens I don’t know but it just makes such a big mess, hesitate to take the game out for that reason alone sometimes.

That being said, the production quality is good, everything is punch-cardboard, mostly because of these zombies were plastic you wouldn’t have enough room for them. The characters could have been upgraded to plastic models but, they’re good enough as punch cardboard on little stands. The art style stays incredibly true to the comic series, which makes me smile.

The replay value is what really kills it for me. Yes, you can end up with different characters and schemes but it’s the same map every time and tracking from one point to another is really bothersome most of time. The first five, even six times is fun though…It’s a great game.

After re-thinking this game, I kind of wish I gave it a 7/10. I need to be able to change that somehow.

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11 out of 26 gamers thought this was helpful

This game, it’s better with more people. When we have boardgame nights, people WANT to play this game but some had to sit out until now. Max player size in 1 game from 4 to 8. All new great personalities, characters and flavor I love it. Also a stand-alone if you don’t like the old characters. Produced very well. Fun every time I play it.

Tip: Role play the characters a bit, it makes it ten times better.

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The Red Dragon Inn

17 out of 33 gamers thought this was helpful

Quick and easy. Get four people together, four role players is best, and have a great time. I play with my friends all the time and they can’t get enough and neither can I. If you actually take on the role of your chosen character things get much more fun and interesting, although not at all needed. Every character has great a great flavor to them and it really shows the thought that was put into every deck. With more expansions you can get up to 12 people playing, let the hilarity ensue.

Tip (Adults only): Drink your drinks, and the game takes on a whole different light.

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105 out of 113 gamers thought this was helpful

Replay Value 1/5
Okay, so basically, without the expansion that is still not out you basically have one adventure straight out of the box that can be played in different rooms of the same dungeon.
Every time you play, it has to be the same monsters. 9 time out of 10, if you’re playing with 4 heroes and the GM/Console/Overlord the heroes end up being the same or 3/4 are the same. All the map tiles are pretty but they really don’t do too much as far as mechanics differently. So, without any REAL flavor besides some japanime video game it’s the EXACT same adventure every time.

Components 5/5
This is actually where this game SHINES. If you love miniature games, here you go. So, all the monster and heroes come in different pieces and you have to glue them together and you can even give certain things your own nice little flair to them. All the monsters and heroes look fantastic after their glued and pieced together. The dungeon tiles are beautiful. The equipment even has this cool little thing where you can artfully add them on to your character cards. The production and design of the game is overall amazing.

Easy to Learn 2/5
This is, very possibly the single WORST rule book I have ever read or looked at. Rules about very similar things are scattered all around it and you better read it like 10 times before you pick up the pieces or some rule is going to need to be clarified in the middle of a game and you’re going to take like 20 min. trying to find out exactly what you need to know because you basically have to thumb through the whole thing 3 times to figure out all the rules about one tiny thing. I play used to play Warhammer:Fantasy and Descent 1st ed. and those games were easier to learn. The one saving grace of learning this game is that all of the character abilities/buzz words on attacks are usually printed on the back of the hero/monster cards.

Super Dungeon Explore is exactly what it set out to be, a hack and slash video game on a board instead of a screen.
This game was really fun the first 2-3 times I played it. I have GIANT hopes for this game when/if an expansion or two come out for it. Being able to very up the monsters or tiles a bit more and get rid of the single cookie cutter dungeon aspects, a little variance and a bit of replay value would be GREAT and probably bump my 5/10 to a 7 or 8/10.

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74 out of 87 gamers thought this was helpful

Okay fine.
Replay Value! 5/5
This game has a ton of replay value. Every game you play with 10 from the 25 decks to choose from. Unless my math is wrong that’s 3,268,760 different games (25C10). Wow, that’s a lot. there’s that.

Components 5/5
Okay, there are cards… really hard to mess that up, they are really nice cards though.

Easy to Learn 5/5
Here’s the game, you get: one buy and one action a turn. Past that, do what it says on the cards. Get the most points, you win! Pretty easy right?

This is actually a case of ‘Easy to learn, hard to master’ which goes along withe the 3million+ games that you can play, which cards are which, what to buy there’s a ton to learn figure out. Your opponents play style comes into play when figure out what to do next as well, so they psychology of it is pretty neat.

This game is great, obviously, one of the games that made, and is making, deck-building games so popular. Every time I play this game I have a good time, it’s great. The one bone I have to pick with this game is that the interaction between players in certain deck combinations is very, very minimal, which knocks it down 2 pegs.

Tip Use this site to get some really killer deck combinations:

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75 out of 88 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is simply fantastic. It’s a slaying the monster, rescuing the princess, getting out in just the nick of time GREAT game. I can’t rave enough about it.

For those of you who have NOT played the first edition
Jump in and go, customize your character with a quick class pick and if at the end of the first session you’ll want to start the built in campaign. Quick and can be broken down into 45min-60min session if need be, although most of the time my group ends up playing for about 2-3 hours simply because we continue mission after mission.

For those of you who HAVE played the first edition
Remember how fun that was? But.. /sigh it took so long! Not anymore! All the fun of the old 2-4 hour session you used to have packed into 45min sessions. Remember how you wish you could take your hero onto a campaign with a good story but nothing was built into the base game.. BAM! Big ‘ole 8-9 mission campaign, right there. Oh and get the conversion kit, and now there’s about a billion heroes to pick from along with all the monsters.

Get it, get now. There is only one campaign (9/10 not 10/10), yes, but I have played the first mission, the intro mission, about 10 times now (as both hero and overlord) and it’s fun, exciting and I can’t get enough, neither can anyone I play with.

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