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23 out of 49 gamers thought this was helpful

Played this game with 2 co-workers after work. I was enjoying humor and funny art, that’s it, there was no chemistry between us and game. A lot to read and luck is everything.

You gain the super cards, fighting monster, getting reward… no, opponent brings another monster on the field you can’t win (and he know exactly your level and abilities, so it’s not about that he is genius it’s about: you have level +4 and +2 from goods, so I bring monster level 7 on the table) and you’re asking – “what can I do” – “nothing”… OK, I lost. Next time I gain the super cards, fighting monster… no one has monster that exceeds my level… OK, I’m getting rewards.

All the game like: OK, I lose… OK, I win… oh I’ve got level 10 and won the game… Okay Cool.

Resume: Perfect for Big Drunken Company.
Concerns: Who will read essays on cards in Big Drunken Company…

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60 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

You and your dreams… it’s not a battle, not to win, it’s travel, investigation. Everything vague, blurred. It’s not your dreams? OK, but this dream is real and while you’re playing you’re careful traveler.

Play alone, play with friend but not more, this is not Munchkin, silence filling the room. Drawing one mysterious card after another, turning logic on to move through this dream to finally find desired doors.

Is it simple? Not too much.
Is it hard? Not too much.
Do this game has a personality? Absolutely!

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78 out of 151 gamers thought this was helpful

Great game for anyone. While extensively playing Dominion, gave it to parents, they are enjoying Coloretto as well. Language independent, highly replay-able game. This is for company, anyone move affects other players and so on.

Recommending this simple, general-purpose game for different types of gamers with wide age variety.

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Dominion: Intrigue

68 out of 92 gamers thought this was helpful

It’s my first colored card game lol. You know, I’m from Ukraine so we don’t have such solid experience in all this cool stuff. Played poker, chess, monopoly anything well known, but Dominion is incredible. I love PC strategies: Civilization from 1 to 5, SimCity, StarCraft… everything that makes you think.

Read some reviews, came across available and pick Dominion.Intrigue to lose my virginity ) Played about 50 games with this expansion and basic Dominion and I’m happy with my choice.

This game about careful planing and strategy vision, it has WOW-factor, for me it’s 3 things: Action-combos, strategy and vast of game variations (through picking just 10 cards of 25 in Intrigue and many more if you have other expansions). Actually it’s can’t be discovered from first playing experience but this 10 cards are actually giving you possible winning strategies, so before you know them, you can’t say exactly how you will play.

Do we have luck factor in this game? Yes, it’s constrained, but still it’s a card game! Design is great, artwork not perfect. Balance – great and actually it’s 2 balances within this game. Game balance and your deck balance, so be wise!

Family game – don’t think so, it’s only for strategy geeks.

22 out of 40 gamers thought this was helpful

Art, design, features, usability, social part everything is totally awesome!!!
I’m new to board/card games, but poker I’m playing 22 years already ) Was looking good relevant site to suggest me what next game to play, and that’s it! So get ready for my reviews and for anything I can help this perfect resource.

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